Our Story


Our passion for ginger beer began with a life-changing sip from a freshly made batch of Nanas authentic Jamaican Ginger Beer. Having tasted nothing like it, we knew the drink was special and needed to be shared with the world.

Our mission began with perfecting our family’s heirloom preservative-free authentic Jamaican ginger beer recipe. One part filtered water, one part Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar, and lastly, one part fresh fruits and spices.

In keeping with our family’s generational commitment to providing tasty and healthy treats, we created Tana Falls and expanded our family to include the world.


We are committed to sharing age-old health traditions through delicious and healthy consumer products and services with the world. 


Tana Falls anticipates a future in which delicious beverages are healthy and wellness-focused.

our values

Our Values are based on doing the right thing by sharing health knowledge

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Health is Wealth

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Authentic Recipes

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Knowledge sharing

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Quality Ingredients

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Jamaican  Wellness

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Drinks

Tana Falls Ginger Beer is made using only the freshest ingredients and tropical spices that help fight health ailments.


Filtered water, reduces risk of stroke and heart attacks & increases energy levels.

Ginger Root

Lowers blood pressure, kills ovarian, breast and prostate cancer cells & wards off influenza.


Lemon & Lime

High in Vitamin C, support heart and digestive health, weight control, & reduces cancer risks.

Chew Stick

Slows formation of plaque, contains anti-bacterial and fungal properties & can help prevent ulcers.

Anise Seed

Nutrient rich, rich in iron, which is vital for the production of healty blood cells & is an antioxidant.

Cinnamon stick

Protects heart health, fights infections & acts as a natural preservative.